“Our aim is to be able to connect the dots between the vibrancy of life in the soil and the wholesomeness of the food growing in that soil, and from there on to the health of the people eating that food.”

Go organic and natural with Swanand Organic Bazaar. On offer is an assortment of over a hundred products, ranging from ancient Indian grains to new age super-foods. Choose from a curated range of cereals, flours and grains, natural sugars, power packed snacks, seeds, nuts and cold-pressed oils to complement your wellness lifestyle. Being food forward, we are always on the lookout for new ingredients to make your culinary journey more varied, satisfying and enjoyable. In maintaining an Eco-friendly supply chain, we only source responsibly grown produce, promote indigenous varieties and follow sustainable practices wherever possible. In essence, we believe in doing well by doing good.

  • Promote organic (chemical-free) and natural (whole, unrefined, unadulterated) foods in order to keep the earth and her people healthy.
  • Encourage small farmers and organic farming.
  • Provide employment with dignity.
  • Support women’s participation in the workforce.
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